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Hi my name is Gavin Burrows. A wedding day can be quite literally a roller coaster of emotions and you photos should reflect all of those experiences. Hopefully you will see from all of my photos that I will capture all the passion and emotion you experience in those moments. It’s understandable that you maybe have some fears about getting the right photographer but it’s worry I hope I can put at ease and help to fulfil your hopes and dreams by providing you with fantastic photographic memories of the big day. Although I take your wedding photos very seriously you will see that I’m a very easy going guy who just likes to have a bit of fun with photography and also in general.
I don't provide a itinerary of what I will do for you. The reason for this is simple. It’s your big day, not mine! So we will sit down and have a chat about exactly what you want from your photographs and the service will be tailored to suit what you want. Your wedding is just that - YOUR wedding. Some people want me literally all day. Capturing everything from the bride getting ready all the way through to when the last guest stumbles out of the reception after midnight - all the madness on the dance floor included! Whilst other people require a more streamlined approach, maybe for just a few hrs. Others may even want me to travel to an overseas destination.
I also have what seems to be a very modern approach to wedding photography in that I will provide you with a custom USB memory stick of all your images as a standard. I don’t sell you a package that includes a handful of printed photos that often end up spending the rest of their lives in a draw. To then try to sell you more and more things after the wedding. I’m totally upfront about what you will receive. You will have full freedom to print your images if that is what you would like to do. But we are in the digital era. A time where people value ‘likes’ and comments far more than they want a physical photo album that is easily forgotten once out of sight. The reality is that now days 95% of people's Wedding photos are on Facebook or some other social network. I want you to be comfortable in the knowledge from the start that you will have every single photo provided as a high resolution image on a USB memory stick. So should you decide that you want to print some of your favourites you have full freedom to do so.
As you will see my style of photography is quite unique and I believe a great image can be far more than just a photograph but also be regarded a piece of art. It should reflect the mood and every emotion that happened in that moment in a stylish way. I may not be right for everybody, but for the people who I want to work with and the people who want to work with me I can do an extraordinary job. I only shoot a limited number of weddings each year to allow me to dedicate my time to producing/editing the images and that will last your lifetime. I won't be asking you to pose in a way that feels awkward or false. I like you to just be yourself then I will capture what is really happening on the day. My photography is based on being very candid and truthful but I am always happy to do the formal shots if you require them.
If you like my photos and would like to sit down and discuss what’s important to you on your special day, please drop me an email enquiry and I would be more than happy to go over some ideas - gavinburrows@yahoo.com