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2010 saw the beginning of his current project Blood, Sweat & Tears - a behind the scenes look into the world of British boxing. The content of which is the boxing training environment. He has since been feature in various media including an appearance as a guest on live TV show Steve Bunce's Boxing Hour to discuss the project. 

"My vision of this book is to share with people the passion captured within these photographs. I want to show people the boxing training environment and the stark and often shocking contrast in conditions that can be found. I believe that I now have the collection of images that can do just that. Not only do I hope that my work will increase awareness and understanding of different boxing environments, but I also intent for my images to engage with viewers emotions on a higher level, so they can see that boxing is far more than just a sport."

- Gavin Burrows.

See the promotional video for Blood, Sweat & Tears